My Weight Loss Journey – Week 48

It’s creeping closer and closer to one year since I started this journey, and I keep creeping closer and closer to my next big milestone of losing 100 pounds. I’m not far from my short term goal of hitting 95 pounds down. I’ve found that small goals are important to keep me motivated so I set a lot of small goals in 5 pound increments. This week I made it another half pound closer. For those keeping track, I’m now down 91.3 pounds from my starting weight of 286, and I have 44.7 pounds to go to my goal weight.

Fantastic Bake Along – Gingersnaps

Once again I have joined Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day! for her Fantastic Bake Along (although I’m a bit late getting my baking done and posted). This month, Rebecca at Twinklehook chose the recipe and she chose one of my favourites. Great job Rebecca!

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 46

I’m a bit late posting this week because I took a little extra time for me.  You see in addition to being my 46th weigh in, Monday was my birthday, so I took a break from blogging. And then yesterday evening I had an appointment so that put me even more behind, but I haveContinue reading “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 46”

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 44

I am finally back from my stay-cation. I decided that I needed a break from pretty much everything this past week, so other than looking for recipes, and commenting on other people’s blogs, I tried to stay off my computer. That meant no new posts for me from Christmas Day until now! It was hard, but also necessary for me after blogging about tea for almost 24 days straight. I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Tea Advent Calendar Day 17 – Caramel Shortbread and Fantastic Bake Along Cherry Tarts!

I was late getting my pie filling for this week’s Bake Along, I only picked it up this morning and didn’t get making my tarts until late this afternoon. In fact, I just finished baking them about an hour ago! So instead of posting two separate, almost simultaneous posts, one for my Tea Advent Calendar and the other for the Fantastic Bake Along, I thought I would do one double duty post.